Eileen Garcia RN, CSN



Dear Parent/Guardian,

 Welcome to our Schuyler School family.  I will be your child’s school nurse and I would like you to know that your child’s well-being is my top priority.  As always, keeping your child safe and healthy is a team effort.  So here are a few things I would like you to know:

 If your child is ill or has a fever they should not attend school. It is recommended that they should only return to school when they are fever-free for 24 hours. This is for the health of your child and their classmates.

 If your child is going to be absent from school please notify the nurse’s office by phone.  Every time your child is absent you will receive a computer generated call notifying you of your child’s absence. If you have already notified the office of the absence you may ignore this phone call, otherwise allow it to serve as a reminder to contact me at that time.

 If your phone numbers change during the school year please update us with your new numbers.

 If your child takes medication for any reason, I can only administer medication with a proper physician’s order. This includes over the counter medication. You can request an order form from my office to be filled out prior to school starting or at any other time medication becomes necessary.

 If your child has any food allergies we need to know immediately.  We will discuss with you the arrangements to be made to keep your child safe at Schuyler School. Also, please contact me in the event your child’s health changes for any reason. Thank you very much for your cooperation.