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2014 - 2015 Kearny School District HIB Grade

Board of Education

In accordance with the Open Public Meeting Act, P.L. 1975c 231, this is to advise that the Kearny Board of Education will hold a Regular Board Meeting on Monday, August 29, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room – 1st Floor, 172 Midland Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032. Upon opening the meeting, the Board will take action to enter into Executive Session (The Doctrine of Necessity may be invoked, if necessary, for Executive Session) and reconvene in Public at 7:00 p.m. Action will be taken.

Agenda: Monday, August 29, 2016

Daily Announcements

Congratulations to the following Achieve 3000 winners for the month of May:
Grade 3:  Ethan Sharaka, Israel Chaves, Kaylene Ronquillo
Grade 4:  Mattheus Fiusa, Luigi Mercado, Jayleen Rodriguez
Grade 5:  Anthony Mendez-Marin, Yinezca Adams, Damian Lach, Juan Parra, Arianna Perez
Grade 6:  Mitchelle Cevallos, Kristine Hernandez, David Muniz

Achieve 3000 Winners For April

We would like to congratulate our Achieve 3000 winners for the month of April.  These students had the highest increase in their lexile levels for their grade level.

Grade 4:
 Luigi Mercado Jara (+135), Dominic Ortiz (+50), Ariana Carvajal (+35), Alexandre Correia (+35), Alyssa Rojas (+35)

Grade 5:
 Cristian Nunez (+80), Luis Paulino Aguiar (+45), Lilliana Valle (+45)

Grade 6:  
Mitchelle Cevallos (+70), David Muniz (+65), Luis Silva Soares (+60)

Congratulations to the following 6th grade students on receiving the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence.  These students maintained an average of 90 or higher through 4th, 5th, and 6th grade!!

Ryan Gill, Victoria Amato, Faith Kennedy, Magda Tantalean, Raizel Estrada, Nathalia Soares, Lesly Benavides, Youssef Bousada, Adam Juchnik, Jake Landy, David Soto, Kaleigh Suarez

TD Bank  Money Management Tour

Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Bellardita took their kids on a tour of TD Bank.  The students learned how the bank operates on a daily basis, the importance of checks and balance, how to protect your investments and how every penny counts.  Jaylynn Jimenez took an educated guess and came the closest without going over at the change counting machine.  The students also visited an office where important bank business gets discussed between clients and bank officials.

Congratulations to Schuyler School's finalists at the Kearny and Hudson County level of the Fire Prevention Poster Contest.  Great job!!

Victoria Kulikowski, Hailey Perez, and Angel Ramirez

The 6th grade students at Schuyler School worked on a Project Based Learning throughout the month of February. Students worked in small groups, chose their topic, investigated and researched, and then decided how best to share what they had learned about their topic. Students chose a museum/learning fair to share their projects with other students and their families.

Congratulations to the January winners of our Achieve 3000 contest. These students had the highest increase in their lexile levels for the month of January.
Grade 3: Dezley Reyes +325, Hunter Lavornia +275, Daniel Espinosa +250
Grade 4: Luigi Mercado Jara +105, Yasmin Fernandez +75, Alexandre Correia +65
Grade 5: Edgar Jimenez Damian +185, Emily Kang +130, Rosmariel Baranco Campos +125
Grade 6: Sophia Rivera +135, Frank Torres +100, Domenica Ordonez +90

Ms. Crawford's 4th grade students enjoyed a very real-life educational trip to our local Stop N Shop. They learned about healthy eating and efficient food shopping!! (all while enjoying a healthy snack!)

Congratulations to our Achieve 3000 contest winners for February. These students had the highest increase in lexile level for that grade:

Grade 3: Dezley Reyes (+25), Mia Marinez (+20), Lucca Santos (+20)

Grade 4: Leland Cruz (+170), Ruby Berrios (+60), Christin Faulk (+55), Kayla Rivera (+55)

Grade 5: Harold Faulk (+75), Christopher Montes deOca (+60), Alexander Zarate (+60)

Grade 6: Jessica Roca (+65), Victor Rodriguez (+65), Daniel Diaz (+55), Angelina Fontanel (+55), Kristal Richard (+55)

Congratulations to our Character Counts winners for December and January

We are so proud to have such nice students!


Congratulations to Schuyler students in Mrs. Blevis’s computer classes who completed “The Hour of Code”.  The “Hour of Code” was a worldwide effort to promote computer science education during CS Education Week.  Code.org®, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science, sponsored “The Hour of Code” challenge.  It is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  Schuyler students completed their hour of code and were awarded a certificate of completion.  They worked very hard and we are very proud of them.

For the past two years, Schuyler School has been invited to participate in the United Way Celebrity Read.  Celebrity Read is a literacy initiative throughout the month of February that recruits volunteers to model their love of reading in local elementary school classrooms.

United Way believes that everyone can be a “celebrity” in the life of a child. On February 18th, Schuyler students from PreK through Grade 4 enjoyed the stories read to them by the many volunteers that took part in Celebrity Read. We had volunteers from United Way, Horizon Blue Cross, the Kearny High School Boys and Girls Basketball teams as well as Board of Education member, Barbara Sherry and Mayor Alberto Santos.

KHS Student Athletes Participate in Read Across America


Schuyler School celebrated its 90th anniversary on Founder's Day with an art display created by students in Ms. Di Gangi's art classes.

Schuyler School's very own Kate Eid performed for the 2nd year in New York City Ballet's George Balanchine's The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. 
What an accomplishment!!

Mrs. Manago's 5th grade class has been busy creating these models and posters of all the things they learned in their science unit.  They used clay, jello, beads, pasta, pipe cleaners, and other items to create a human skeleton, the plant cell, the animal cell, the eye, and many others.  The lesson culminated with a presentation of the project to explain what it is and it's purpose.

Ms. Treanor's 4th grade class made a symbolic donation to the World Wildlife Funds as part of WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats. The 4th grade class voted on adopting an Emperor Penguin Chick. During the donation process, students worked in groups doing research projects about Emperor Penguins. They were very proud about their symbolic adoption and for donating to such a wonderful cause. 


As part of a science unit on weather Ms. Treanor's 4th grade class was put to the challenge of creating their own wind vane!  They were given a few materials (paper cup, pencil, straw, pin, paper) and were on their own to use what they know about wind and weather to create their own wind vane.  Then they went outside to test them and record what worked and what didn't and how to improve their design!

Congratulations to the December winners of our  Achieve 3000 contest. 

The following students had the highest increase in lexile level in their grade level!

Grade 3 :  Patrick Mcallister (+70), Hugo Rojas (+35), Henry Vallejo (+30)
Grade 4:  Jhosua Miranda Siguencia (+65), Yliana Gandolfo (+60), Joshua Araujo (+60)
Grade 5:  Xavier Perez (+75), Nicole Kulikowski (+55), Julia Araujo (+55)
Grade 6:  Leslie Flores (+100), Olivia Williams (+90), Damon Mota (+75)

Schuyler School Charity Donations! 

We are proud to say that Schuyler School raised $508.66 for the Susan B. Komen Foundation through our Pink Day and our staff raised $130.00 for Jeans for Troops

Schuyler School is "Showered in Kindness"! 

Schuyler School participated in the first annual Great Kindness Challenge where students were asked to complete a checklist of kind acts. Students then showed how much Schuyler School is "Showered in Kindness" by adding their kind acts to a raindrop.

Harold, Christin and Gianette Faulk showed their kindness and how much they appreciate the kitchen staff by presenting them with a kindness banner during The Great Kindness Challenge.

The students in Mrs. Manago's 5th grade class made family totem poles to represent their family members

In Social Studies we studied totem poles, so the students researched and got information about the types of symbols and images that some Native Americans put on their totem poles and the meaning behind them.  The students researched different animals and the meanings behind them and designed a totem pole that represents their family
members and what each animal symbol stands for.  Some animals the students used are:  The wolf as a symbol of strength in the family, the eagle as great strength and leadership , the hummingbird as love,beauty, intelligence, the otter as a symbol of trust and loyal friendship  etc.

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