Daily Announcements

Schuyler Student takes 2nd Place in Spelling Bee

Victoria Amato, a 5th grade student at Schuyler School, won 2nd place at the Arlington Junior Women's Spelling Bee.

In social studies class Mrs. Manago's students have been learning about the symbols and images used on totem poles made by different Indian tribes.  Each students then had to create their own family heritage totem pole to represent their family.

 Mrs. Manago's 5th grade class has been learning about Indian tribes and their family heritage.  From this lesson the students had to research the symbols and images the Indian tribes used on their totem poles and the meanings behind the symbols.  Then they had to use this information to create a totem pole that reflects their own family history and importance.  They designed some really great totem poles!

Mrs. Manago's 5th grade class has been busy with some creative projects

While studying the human body in science class Ms. Manago's students were challenged to create a model of a human skeleton using different types of materials such as pasta, Q-tips, pipe cleaners, beads, etc and be able to identify the different bones and the purpose they serve in their bodies.

Ms. Bongiovanni's 6th grade science classes did Career Projects

 Ms. Bongiovanni's 6th grade science classes researched different careers in the science field.  They learned about some really interesting careers such as a volcanologist, chemical engineer, scuba diver, geneticist and many more!

Ms. DiGangi's Art Classes

Ms. DiGangi's art classes have been studying the American painter Wayne Thiebaud who is best known for his colorful paintings of pies, ice cream, and cakes.  The students created their favorite dessert out of clay and paint it.  They look delicious!!

Two first grade students in Ms. Esteves' class, Vincent Ball and Hillary Anticona, received certificates from xtramath.org.

Both students are able to solve all of their basic addition facts in less than three seconds!!

What do you do when students in a math class disagree about whether or not a recipe would taste the same as the original if the recipe was halved or tripled?

In Mrs. Serino's 6th grade math class they test it out!  Mrs. Serino's math classes mixed lemonade and iced tea in equivalent ratios to test whether the color and 
taste was the same for each mixture.

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